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Written by Norma Jean Almodovar   
Thursday, 14 April 2011 00:00


If you found this website it is because you are looking for answers about prostitution. We are the alternative to the BS you will find on Melissa Farley's website: http://www.prostitutionresearch.com where you will read some of the most blatantly biased, subjective "prostitution information" on the internet.

We want you to visit her website  and others like it and then come back to our website to read our comments on her very non-objective "statistics" and tell you the truth about sex work. Yes, it is 'sex work" because for the majority of those who are sex workers, it is a job. For some, it is a good job- and for others, it is not something they ought to do, but for whatever reason they are doing it. There are millions of people all over the world who have jobs they hate, jobs which they do out of desperation so that they can feed themselves and their families. Being employed in a job that one does not enjoy or even like is not a legitimate reason to ban the work or to punish those who employ unhappy individuals. If it were, we'd have to shut down every factory, fast food joint and just about every other place where people work who may or may not like their job. Every employer would be behind bars, including the supervisors of local/state/ federal employees... the cost of incarcerating all those employers would be such that there would be no money left for any other purpose whatsoever. Rational people understand that we don't punish employers who do nothing to their employees except offer them employment. We don't forbid people from taking jobs they may not like. Unfortunately, all common sense flies out the window when people talk about prostitution.


The abolitionists/ prohibitionists make absurd statements like "we want women to have choices and prostitutes don't have a lot of choices..." therefore we ought to arrest her and her clients and take away any future options she might have because she now has an arrest record. [Click here to read about the case of the "Hooker Teacher" Melissa Petro...] Of course these people do not show the same concern for other women who may be forced into menial jobs out of desperation... I can't imagine that one would actually seek employment cleaning up after people who leave vomit, feces and urine behind in public restrooms unless they were fairly desperate for a job- any job- to pay the bills.  So for these prohibitionists/ radical feminists/ religious conservatives to feign empathy for women whom they believe are working as prostitutes because "these women" have no other choices indicates an elitist mentality that would allow them to even consider punishing people for engaging in work they despise, or arresting and punishing those who give them employment. One commenter on the Newsweek article  of July 17, 2011, says "It would be good if these women could be steered into careers in the medical field where their pay will be better and they have benefits. Community college have one and two programs that are pretty good. They will make more money if they go for a two program.." as if we are a bunch of cattle that need prodding into an appropriate career. The assumption being that our work isn't real work and if we would but go out and take on a few student loans  so that we would be indebted to banks and the government, we can land a job doing ordinary work where of course no bosses will sexually harass us and we will then be assimilated into polite society.  NO THANK YOU, Artic Annie, who is determined to have us turn to Jesus so that we can be forgiven of our 'sins."


Many of these individuals want to impose what they call the "Swedish model" in which the prostitute is no longer a criminal and not arrested, but instead makes her clients into criminals who, when caught, are then arrested, prosecuted and punished. In upcoming articles we will debunk the alleged 'success' of this model in Sweden- where even the King of Sweden has hired prostitutes but has suffered no ill consequences. As usual, it is the prostitutes who end up being harmed by such irrational legislation and enforcement of the laws.

We shall expose the lies told by the abolitionists/ prohibitionists and debunk the myths which surround adult prostitution. Lies which cost the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in a search for non existent victims, and deprive real victims of limited government resources which, if used as intended, could prevent more women and children from becoming victims. Among these are  victims of horrendous rapes for which the rape kits go untested- sometimes for decades. According to a Human Rights Watch report, there are an estimated  400,000 untested rape kits in the United States, with more than 200,000 individuals each year reporting their rape to the police, submitting to an invasive and traumatic process that "takes four to six hours to complete." Such "sexual assault victims are routinely forced to wait years for a crime lab to test these kits for the DNA that could be used to catch their rapist" according to a 2010 article by Julia Dahl.

Prohibitionists like Melissa Farley contend that 'prostitution is rape' or that 'prostitution is like rape' even when the prostitute insists otherwise. Anyone  who has ever been raped- by a stranger, an acquaintance or an intimate partner- can attest that nothing is 'like' rape BUT rape. Instead of wanting to assist those victims, prohibitionists want to include all prostitutes in the stats of rape victims, which has the unfortunate effect of making it impossible for law enforcement agencies to help those who actually report  a rape because the loud and obnoxious prohibitionists of the far left and religious right are  more concerned that women who sell sex are "prostituted women" and victims of men who are 'criminal exploiters and abusers of women' and even calls such men 'rapists.' So the government follows the sentiment of the most vocal group of individuals and ignores the real rapists because it is far easier to conduct a 'sting' operation to catch men who want to pay for sex and women who want to sell it. How do you tell a woman who was violently sexually assaulted that HER assault is not nearly as important to the police or the prohibitionists to solve as catching the men and women engaging in consenting commercial sex? How do you compare her traumatic and horrifying experience to that of adult women, like me, who say th at sex work is not exploitation and that we are not victims? We are told by these radical feminists and their religious conservative cohorts that we suffer from a 'false consciousness' which is a subjective argument if ever there was one.

They will tell you that they support the so called "Swedish Model" which decriminalizes prostitution for the prostitute, but criminalizes and penalizes the clients. They tout the alleged research which shows how 'successful it has been- which, if you don't ask the prostitutes themselves, is really nothing more than a propaganda piece and not really a scientifically researched study at all.  There are a number of articles which explore this, and can be found here:  http://www.chezstella.org/docs/etude-suede-2011.pdf

and here: http://stephenpaterson.wordpress.com/2010/07/05/the-swedish-sex-law-‘we’re-sorry-we-haven’t-a-clue’-report-or-how-to-make-the-channel-tunnel-profitable/

If you want to read more about the 'trafficking' issue, a good place to start is at the website of Laura Agustin, who is an anthropologist and brilliant writer who has been researching and writing on this issue for over 20 years: http://www.lauraagustin.com/

It may take some time for us to complete this site: we do not have funding because we are politically incorrect.  In the meantime, please do visit our other websites:




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